screw pump

If pump is stored for future use, it should be kept as the following requirements:
Strip stator from pump, and separately store it ,which is in order to avoid deformation caused by rotor’s
gravity, for the deformation will lead to difficultly start machine ,decrease capacity and pressure.The
stripped stator should be stored in a cool dry place, and avoid shine and temperature under -10
After stator is stripped down, pad rotor with wood (Pic.
-followed). Surface of rotor except that is
made of
stainless steel should be painted with antirust oil.
Pic. 3-1
3、Components of Packing Shaft Seal
If pump uses packing shaft seal, personnel should take the following steps:
z strip packing gland;
z dismantle packing ;
z paint surface of shaft with antirust oil.
4、 Other Components
Surface of component except that is made of stainless steel should be painted with antirust oil.

Pipeline System

All pipelines need be completely cleaned before installing pump in order to avoid welding cinder, sandy
stone and other impurities from entering pump to destroy stator.
If pump is horizontally installed, it is suggested to set up a transitional pipeline between discharge casing
and connected pipeline (Pic.4-2 followed), which is helpful to dismantle stator. The minimus length of
transitional pipeline is shown in the table 4-2

the minimum length transitional pipeline (mm)


1 2 3 4

XG15 120 220 300 380
XG20 130 250 350 450
XG30 XL002 200 300 400 500
XG35 XL005 250 400 550 700
XG40 XL008 300 500 600 700

Operation and Maintenance Instruction


1 1

XG50 XL014 350 600 750 900
XG60 XL024 400 650 900 1150
XG70 XL041 400 750 1100 1450
XG85 XL069 500 900 1300 1700
XG105 XL115 630 1180 1740 2300
XG135 XL195 900 1600 2300 3000
XG150 XL330 1000 2000 3000 4000
XG170 1200 2400 3600 4800
XG220 1500 3000 4500

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