The rive dredging engineering has the purpose of "dredging" the traditional dredging, that is, the purpose of solving the water-logging, flood control and irrigation functions, and also has the purpose of improving the water quality of river, promoting the ecosystem health and improving the landscape of river. Therefore, all links of dredging early work, scheme preparation, process selection, and engineering implementation shall guarantee the "multi-purpose" dredging features. It is required to dig up the sludge at the bottom of river, and use our sludge dehydrator to perform drying and dehydrating, and then transport the treated mud, for fresh water reusing or discharging.

River dredging scheme: the river dredging dehydrator centrifuge can automatically perform dehydrating and separating through pressing a button. The whole set of device has high level of automation, advanced technology, and can directly pump the sledge in the settlement pit into the device, and the device can automatically perform mud-water separation and have sledge dehydrating treatment, can clear the water quality for recycling. 


River dredging scheme: advantages of the river dredging dehydrator centrifuge are as follows: 

1.Long-time continuous work with low manpower strength and cost;

2.Large treatment capacity, high dehydration efficiency, and low moisture content of filter cake; 

3.Efficient pneumatic correction, effectively prevent the filtering screen deviation; 

4.Easy for management, simple maintenance; 

5.Low energy consumption, and its service life can be up to 8-10 years; 

6.Advanced frequency control can effectively control the treatment speed. 

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