The drying screen treatment system is mainly used for treating drilling fluid waste, recycling the useful mud, decreasing the drilling mud, and reducing the waste mud to be treated, to make the mud meet the environmental discharging requirements. The system is composed of mud distributor, shale shaker, cuttings connection tank, screw conveyor, drying screen, mud recovery tank, centrifuge, etc. 


Flow Chart of Drying Screen Treatment System

The workflow is as follows: collect the waste mud to be treated into the mud distributor (1), through the mud distributor, the mud will enter the shale shaker (2), after treatment of shale shaker, the cuttings will drop into the screw conveyor (5), and then convey to the drying screen (6) for treatment. The solid phase treated by the drying screen will be directly discharged into the cutting collection tank (4). The mud treated b the shale shaker and the drying screen contains some small particles, through the centrifuge fluid supplying pump, they will be conveyed to the centrifuge (10) (11) to have separating and drying treatment, to remove the solid phase, and the recovered mud can enter into the clean mud circulation system for use. 

Usage of Drying Screen Treatment System

1.It can reduce the liquid content in the cuttings; recycle the valuable drilling fluid, so as to reduce the drilling costs. 

2.It can reduce the total discharging capacity of mud cuttings, so as to reduce the waste mud to be treated, and to meet the environmental discharging requirements. 

Applications of Drying Screen Treatment System

1.It can be applied for drying cuttings in various types of drilling mud, such as oil-based mud, water-based mud and multiple-based mud.

2.River dredging

3.Environmental solid-liquid separation

4.Piling engineering

5.Shield engineering

According to different drilling sites and customer’s needs, the device for the system can be added or reduced.

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