The non-excavation mud treatment system is an important part of the HDD drilling rigs. It is used for preparing, storing mud, removing the solid particles from the downhole returned mud, so as to reduce the solid phase and ensure that its performance meets the drilling process requirements; the excellent mud is supplied to the mud pump, and pumped into downhole, so as to increase the drilling rate, guarantee the well depth quality, reduce mechanical wear, decrease the drilling cost and reduce downhole accidents. 


Non-excavation Mud Treatment

  1. Use the shale shaker, mud cleaner and other solid-phase control equipment to separate the larger-size cuttings. 

  2. Use the mixing device to add the required mud materials, and uniform agitation and circulation meets the performance requirements of re-use. 

  3. Pump into the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) system through a mud pump to perform the repeated recycling. 

The returned mud screening treatment and recycling of the non-excavation mud treatment system can not only guarantee the mud supplying effectively, but also reduce the environmental pollution.  

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