corporate culture

Enterprise Spirit: Credible and Pragmatic, hardworking and innovation.

Enterprise Mission: Service energy exploration and development, create industry outstanding quality.
Quality Policy: Continuous improve, constantly develop, supply high-quality products, leading this industry. 
Management Concept: Based on the prior measures of Prevention, to eliminate hidden dangers of accidents.
Development Strategy: Implement development strategy of "two improve and one upgrade", promote the across for the company to high and new technology enterprise (meaning: improve product Technological content, improve the efficiency of production and business operation, and speed up the step of upgrading to high and new technology enterprise).
Operation Principle: Sized up the situation, prior to make plan; Fine management, Strengthen foundation.
Team Construction Target: Establish learning-oriented team, cultivate innovative group.
Management Objective: Refining responsibility, Management by Objectives, creates Total-staff Management system.
Customer Relationship Concept: Considerate, Put customer satisfaction first.
Staff Work Philosophy: Setup a new start point and make improvement every day.

Address:Xinhua Park, Economic Development Zone, Cangzhou, China