FD Petrol manufacture replacement shale shakers of international famous brand shakers to meet different clients preference request.
 FD Petrol provide replacement screens according to API RP13C design requirement at fine quality and fair price.The screens frame material is carbon steel Q235,screen mesh is SS304 or SS316L,strong adherence glue and NBR ensure longer service time.

Brandt King Cobra Shaker Screens
Mesh sizeAPI20—API450
DimensionLength: 1250 mm
Width: 635 mm
Replacement Shaker Screen Weight13 kg (28.6 lb)


                            NOV Brandt King Cobra Screens for Example
API Designd100(cut point,μ)Conductance(Kd/mm)Non-blanked Area(sq.ft) 
API 45328.14.934.95
API 50321.63.984.95
API 60255.12.684.95
API 70230.42.554.95
API 80192.72.184.95
API 100164.21.724.95
API 120128.61.174.95
API 140101.80.994.95
API 17083.20.934.95
API 20079.50.674.95
API 230680.554.95
API 270550.374.95
API 325460.324.95


Swaco Mongoose Screen
 There are common pre-tensioned steel frame screen and composite frame shaker screen. Composite frame screen have longer service life, better appearance, and convenience on operation.

Swaco Mongoose screen
Mesh sizeAPI20—API450
DimensionLength:1165mm (45 9/10”)
Width: 585mm (23”)
Replacement Shaker Screen WeightSteel frame: 14kg (28.6lb)
Composite frame: 13kg (26.4lb)


   Brandt VSM 300 Shaker Screens:
 VSM 300 series shale shaker screens are compatible with all BRANDT shakers There will be mainly RHD series shaker screen, XF screens.
 VSM300 shaker screen detail
 1. VSM300 shaker Decks.
 This shale shaker is three decks. The first deck is scalping, then the primary, last deck is called secondary deck.
 2. VSM300 Shaker screen details
 Scalping deck will be fitted with 3 pcs screen, primary deck will be fitted with 4 pcs screen, secondary deck is fitted with 4 pcs screen. Totally, the VSM300 request 11 pcs screen. All of them are steel frame screen and pretension type.

ItemDimensionWeightNon-blanked Area(Sq.ft)

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