Soil Remediation:

Soil remediation is the technology to recover the polluted soil to normal status.Mainly composed of physical/chemical and organic remediation.

Physical/chemical remediation technology:Chemical flushing,chemical oxidation/deoxidization,cheminal dehalogenation,electro-chemical,solidification,steam,forcebroken,thermal desorption,activated carbon adsorption technology etc.

Biological remediation:phytoremediation and microbial remediation.

Soil washing is the technology to separate the soil according to its size.First step is to separate bigger size stone,sand an fine powder,clay,then use water or other chemical liquid to wash out the pollution which is on the surface of bigger particles.The flushed liquid will be collected and after further treatment reuse for soil flushing. Bigger size soil can be recycled as resources,powder and clay which contains much pollution will go to thermal treatment or oxidation treatment.The volume of fine particles  after treatment only accounts for small part of the original material.


Microorganism Remediation:
Through adjusting inorganic nutrition or supply of oxygen to activate the indigenous microorganism so as to degrade the pollution to non-toxic or low-toxic material. Adding slow-release oxygen additives to aquifer to increase the organism degradation speed.
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